men-training-women-to-teach-bibleWe have finished Foundation Course Teacher Training in Kakamega area. I have been going there every few weeks with a group of my friends to encourage local BTCP students to start a discipleship program for their community.

PastorĀ HermanĀ (one of the BTCP students) called me last night and said “Hello Missionary!” [Herman always calls me missionary because I wont let him call me teacher. I told him he is the teacher now not me]. He continued, “I already have 10 signed up for a class I will to teach. Can you bring me books for them?” Please keep this group of BTCP students and their Foundation Course students in your prayers. The BTCP class is very committed, but there may be some illiteracy in their area that they will have to battle. I have heard one of Herman’s future Foundation Course student doesn’t even have a Bible.


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