How to Cook for The 100s

Kitale-Kenya-BTCP-GraduationThere was a very large graduation this past week, and as much as I enjoy seeing BTCP students in their caps and gowns receiving their certificates, I have never really realized how much work goes into preparing for a graduation! It was a huge amount of work. If there was one thing that really touched my heart, it was watching over half of Wednesday class help Beverly with the cooking.

So how do you cook for over 300 people on a minimum budge? Well you start by finding some bricks and stacking them in such a way that they allow for optimum ventilation. Then you build a fire in between those bricks and place a large aluminum cooking pot on top. It can become challenging to control the temperature, but with some practice, more air exposure to the fire = more heat;  less air exposure = less heat. You can also control temperature by moving the logs. Last but not least, you must have a few wooden spoons the size of a boat paddle–which are actually readily available at any supermarket in many different varieties. All I can say is that I was impressed. Many of us Americans think we couldn’t survive without a duel convection bake oven, four stove burners, a large refrigerator, a set of Chicago Cutlery, 2 sets of measuring cups, three cutting boards…and that is just for a family of four. So yes, I am still very impressed. To give you an idea of weight, it took two full grown men to lift one cooking pot of food.

out-door-cooking cooking-african-stylecooking-african-style-kenyacooking-on-fire-wood outdoor-kitchen wednesday-BTCP-class-kitale

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  1. Rita McWhorter says:

    The big pots of food look wonderful. I had a plate of ugali, greens,roasted potatoes with a little goat meat, it was wonderful. You can feed this feast to a crowd for what it cost to eat one meal at Red Lobster. You notice all the people are slim and trim, not from lack of food but from the good food they eat. Love it!

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