How do you climb up the Mountain?

Transport is a very interesting thing in Kenya. At first it seems very chaotic, but it is actually very ingenious. To travel up the mountain to the little high school takes two hours by public matatu (buses pictured below). If you want on the bus, you raise your eyebrows to signal the driver. Then, he pulls over, tells you which town he is headed towards, and if it is the right town, you hop in. When you need out, all you do is bang the side of the door.

Although a cheap means of travel it can be very congested. There can be up to 33 people in a 10 passenger matatu. They even have little planks that create extra seats and sometimes people leave the door open and hang on outside of the vehicle. Chickens, huge bags of maze, and anything else you can think of often end up underneath your feet and in your lap.

Good news is, the Matatu I take to the school never has more than 15 people in it. Here are some pictures.


Katie and Caroline went with me so I wouldn’t have to travel alone.

As you stop to let more people on, vendors come up to the windows with everything from crackers to razor blades. You can buy almost anything from them–even fresh vegetables, fruits and anything else you might have forgotten to buy at the grocery store.

4 Responses to How do you climb up the Mountain?

  1. Rebecca says:

    Another fascinating post. Boy, four hours a day on a bus. Caroline has a very peaceful, beautiful face. Is she a friend? How do you know her? You are all admired much and we know God is smiling broadly on you ladies.

    • elizabeth says:

      Caroline is practically the closest thing I have ever had to an older sister. She was my room mate’s house keeper when I first moved to Kenya. We have been close friends ever since.

  2. LM says:

    Finally we see a picture of your friend Caroline. She is so pretty and looks as sweet as you said. The pictures were great, the bus isn’t bad at all, I was expecting something like an old 1965 school bus. And it isn’t a motor scooter! Love, Lilly

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