God Makes Difficult Things Possible


Well, after three weeks with very limited internet connection discouraging me from blogging, I have finally found that if I leave my router out in the driveway I can sort of, kind of, get a connection enough to upload a photo. I intend to post pictures and stories from when my parents were here doing ministry, but first I must tell you about evangelism in Bungoma this week! Oh my, it was something else.

Pictured above is one of my former students Carole. Although there was a group of ten of us doing evangelism, she was my partner the whole day. We roamed the country side sharing Jesus with household after household. I have so many good stories but the best was meeting Baba and Mama J. This little old couple has to be at least in their eighties. As we traveled down the cow trail that led to their house, Carole became afraid to enter. She told me “We can’t go there! I speak very little Bukusu, and they are so elderly I guarantee you that is their only language. ” I told her, “No, we must go. What if one of them was a school teacher when he was young? They could even speak English.” Sure enough, as we approached the house, there was no one to translate, but Caroline (to my amazement) began to speak the most fluent Bukusu I ever heard in my life. She didn’t even have to pause and search for the right words. The whole time the little old lady kept gazing at the tract saying “Ooooh, Ooooh, Ooooh,” as Carole went on and on about substitutionary atonement (I could tell what she was saying from her gestures).  Ten minutes later, this old couple gave their lives to Jesus. They had sat in a odd church for many years and had never asked Jesus to be their Savior. Turns out their son attends church with Carole and her Pastor promised me he will equip J to go back and teach his parents the Word.  When we got back to the church, I asked everyone if they knew Carole could speak fluent Bukusu, and I don’t think I ever saw them so happy. She told me “That was truely the Lord strengthening me!”

Please keep this couple in your prayers.

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