From Kenya to America, and Soon Back to Kenya

Plutoro ColoradoPraise the Lord, I have booked my ticket back to Kenya for September 4th.

These two months have been a wonderful opportunity for me to reflect on the past year of ministry, draw closer to the Lord, participate in ministry here in America, and receive encouragement from supporting churches.

Above is a picture of the small town of Platoro deep in the Colorado Mountains enjoying their outdoor church service. Yes, that is right, even in America there are a few churches left that don’t have a church building–something I had only seen in Africa. For the past few decades, this small community of vacationers and log-cabin-owners have continued to meet without a church building. Why? They prefer being outside, enjoying God’s creation while church meets on Sunday mornings.

I spent the past week at AIYM High Camp (outside Platoro) helping with construction projects, ministering towards a group of highschoolers, and then speaking at church on Sunday morning in Platoro (pictured above). Believe it or not, this little church has been supporting an indigenous missionary who lives in Nairobi Kenya! She is a personal friend of theirs and they had a great time telling me stories about her.

2 Responses to From Kenya to America, and Soon Back to Kenya

  1. Paula Frisbey says:

    I will be praying for you! You are quite a girl!

  2. Steve Fitzgerald says:

    Your friends from the northeast (the frozen chosen?) say hello and God Bless

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