From Evangelism to Now Descipleship

Well, this was the big week. It has been one year since I met all these men and women who live in the Nandi Hills. In one year’s time: a Bible school has been started for pastors and church leaders (Julius, Nelson, and Samuel deserve much accreditation for this portion because they are volunteering as teachers);  I have trained the students in evangelism and lesson planning; the students, teachers and I have gone out and done evangelism for over a period of 2-3 months; and as of this week, we began discipleship. Both the teachers and the students have started discipling all the neighborhoods we visited with the gospel. We counted up how many people showed up for small groups and the number was 152 indigenous locals. My students say they are expecting more students next week.

In the mean time, I traveled there this week with huge boxes full of Foundation Course Books, Bibles, certificates, attendance sheets….Handing all of this stuff out was a big celebration. It was such an honor for all of us to have so many students.

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