Follow Up

planing-discipleship-kenyaWhen I first started living out my faith, I pictured evangelism, conversions, and baptisms as the most exciting part of outreach. My contemplation of  “follow up” was this grueling thing that came afterwards full of disappointments and missionary “burn out.” Truthfully, I could have never been more wrong!

Follow up is the most exciting part of ministry. It starts with the hope that Christ is truly at work in a person’s live, and that a whole family, and even a region can truly change for Christ. And, it ends when you actually seeing that come to pass. Of course, things don’t always go the way you expect, but when you see even one life really changed, it becomes  worth every ounce of effort.

Some of you probably recognize pastor Moses, pictured above. He is a pastor and BTCP (Bible Training Center for Pastors) teacher in the small town of Kipsigon, Kopsiro–a place nearly impossible to reach during the rainy season due to thick, clay like mud. After around six hours of working together, we have made some headway on a follow up plan for the outreach done in Kopsiro area over the past two months. We will be having a meeting with Johnson (another BTCP Teacher in Kopsiro) on Saturday to propose our plans and seek further guidance. My hope is that Moses will train up BTCP students to disciple all the local high school and middle school students. Many of these teenagers are orphans due to genocide and are living a life full of bad decision making.


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