Evangelism in Jinja

slum-ministryWhile being hosted in Jinja at Calvary Chapel for premarital counseling, every night around 8:00, there was loud music that would start coming from the alley behind the Church–boom, boom, boom, and people talking loud, and drinking, and partying. It turns out there is a small slum of 500 people located behind the church.

One day, we decided to go for evangelism with John’s former classmates and their disciples. Sure enough, we found ourselves out behind the church in the slums. After around a half hour of evangelism, there was a little lady sitting down a back alley by the name of Gloria who called out to me “Muzungu [white person], come here and talk to me too.” I went to speak with her. As I shared the gospel with Gloria, John came and engaged in a conversation with the women sitting next to her. We soon found out that this was the very alley where the club that was making all the racket was located, and the woman John was talking to was one of its owners.  As he shared with her Isaiah 5:2 “How terrible it will be for those who are heroes at drinking wine, and champions in mixing strong drink,” the Lord used me to lead Gloria to the Lord. After this, we discovered that the lady who brews alcohol and the man seated next to her come from John’s tribe and speak the same language as him. He shared Christ with them and after around an hour, they made a serious, heartfelt commitment to Christ as Savior and committed to changing their ways. They came to church the next day for Bible study. Please keep them in your prayers. Money can be a huge temptation for people turn away.

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