Driving to Class

mud-africa-drivingWhen I am in the States, people ask me, “how many classes do you teach in a day?” They are always shocked to hear me respond “one.” People often times don’t grasp that BTCP doesn’t have one official campus. All of the class rooms are spread out hours apart in different villages. I would say on average it takes me 6 hours  to reach a class room, teach, and then drive back.

The class in Bungoma has finished the Foundation Course and has started BTCP. Beth (women’s leader), Ruben Rotich (regional leader), and I went there to encourage them on their first day of class. Hermeneutics and Old Testament Survey were the topics.  Although it was a blessing to go and encourage them in their studies, driving there is becoming a bit of a challenge! It took Beth and I around 2 hours to reach the class room due to the heavy amount of mud, broken down semis, and the innumerable number of speed bumps on the new road diversion. Please pray for me as I begin shopping for a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

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