Cultural Differences

Ok, I finnaly gave in and took a picture of it for you. Every week Caleb, my coworker, and I make a special trip to town to deliver milk for the dairy farm and one of our costomers happens to own the “Blue Line Unixes Salon.” It is located around the corner from “B.S. Security Systems”–I am not making this stuff up.
My first trip to town left me laughing, but I have actually grown to appreciate all our little local buisnesses and their unusual names. I wish I could take some of the inocence and lack of materialism home with me. I have lived here four months and not heard the F, BS, or S once. People are very modest in their dress and polite to your face.
African Hair Salon

Cultural Differences

3 Responses to Cultural Differences

  1. Al says:

    I am amazed and speechless!

    Real fun picture.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Is this milk from the cows at Mattaw? How many do you milk? How do you store the milk for a week before hand?
    Back in the old days in New Mexico, my uncle had two cows that gave a lot of milk. He delivered the raw milk to customers every night. Still warm.

    • elizabeth says:

      We do things much like your uncle. We deliver the milk right after we milk the cows, so there is no need for refrigeration. There are five cows at Mattaw. I am too slow, so I usually stay out of the way.

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