Cooking with Grace

African Cooking

African Cooking

Grace, one of our house moms asked me to chop cabbage for her the other day. I was shocked to see her complete this task without a cutting board. She just picks up all the vegetables and minces them in her bare hands. She got a good laugh at me and my makeshift cutting board. I think I actually slowed her down in the long run, but she is a persistent teacher. It does scare me when I see the kids doing this. I am working hard to learn to improve my African Cooking.

4 Responses to Cooking with Grace

  1. Amelia says:

    Ack! I cut myself with a cutting board, I’d probably lose a limb if I tried without one!

  2. Lynn B. says:

    I’m a non-cutting board person as well. Not sure why, it just happened.

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