Coffee Break

Every week, I stop in Eldoret on my way to the Nandi Hills to get something to eat and rest a bit before traveling the rest of the journey, and there is no better place in all of Eldoret to eat then the little Muslim coffee shop off the side of the main highway. It is by far the best restaurant in all of Western Kenya.

So, every week I sit down there, order a milk shake, and pull my study Bible and textbooks out of my purse and start working on lesson planning for the next week. As you can imagine, I stand out a bit. After two or three weeks of doing this, one of the waiters approached me and started asking me questions about the classes I taught and told me he wanted to learn about the Bible. I left him with a copy of the Foundation course I teach, came back the next week, and he said he is studying from it and wants me to check his homework and explain things better to him. Anyways, I am excited. I think he may be a Christian, but I don’t know for sure. Either way I hope our conversation in the quiet restaurant causes a few more of his coworker’s curiosity to grow. They may not feel comfortable having a conversation with me about God, but they may be curious enough to sit and listen in on us discussing the gospel. They are all very sweet people.

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