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Our new church is almost completely finished! It is where my temporary office will be located. I walked out to the construction site to take a peek, and I found all the house dads. I had been wondering where they were! Joseph welcomed me and gave me a shovel. I was assigned the duty of mixing cement and refilling wheelbarrows. All I can say is I have learned not to peek at unfinished work. Hopefully this experience will come in handy when we start building the clinic.

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  1. LM says:

    November 18, 2011 at 5:06 PM
    This is most amazing, people working together on such a worthy project, and then inviting you to join in. I understand you rebuilt a brick bar-b-que pit on the river (in the hot summer)that took several days. This help on the church should have been right up your alley.
    May the Lord bless this new church.


  2. Rebecca says:

    I really enjoy seeing and hearing about your daily activities. The wedding should be quite an experience, indeed. I’d like to see some pictures of how they construct a building, the methods they use. Where do they get the cement? How close are you to Nairobi?

    • elizabeth says:

      Oh my, construction is quite a process. Our house dad’s even make the bricks we use by hand. Lucky for them though, we have about four hardware stores in town, so they don’t have to drive eight hours to Nairobi for building supplies. I keep trying to get pictures of them making bricks, but I never seem to have my camera with me!

  3. Lady Anne says:

    I think stopping to look at a project is similar to suggesting “Why don’t we…” and suddenly somebody hands you a shovel, either in fact or metaphorically!

  4. Bob OHara says:

    I think in a way that’s a sign that they are accepting you more and more

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