Chief’s Village

Ok, thank you everyone for your prayers. I am feeling 100% better and strong as ever before. However, I did not leave for Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda with the team on Friday. I stayed behind. I felt at complete peace about the decision and had many confirmations that I needed to stay home and help with things here.

So, now that I am feeling better, I will finish blogging about Pokot. Then, I will start sharing with you about things happening in Kitale.

After visiting David’s village. We ventured deeper into the bush and visited another village very special to one of our team members, Chief Paul (or just Chief for short). ┬áThis is the village Chief was born in, and he has recently traveled back there a few weeks ago sharing the Gospel with them. Below is a picture of Chief introducing us to everyone and giving Pastor Peter the opportunity to share the gospel with the people once more. After asking for those who would receive Christ, we divided the men from the women. My friend Amanda and I took turns teaching these women about Faith, Lordship, Obedience, Forgiving Others, Baptism, the Holy Spirit, and Unity Among Believers. We taught and taught and taught and taught as Chief’s wife translated. The women had a very hard time understanding that the church is not a building, and that there is only one body not different denominations, but they finally understood after many explanations.


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