Chief Chefs of Mattaw

African Cooking

African Cooking

As a nurse, I may just have a tendency to notice things other’s do not, but that is a really big knife in a little girl’s hand! Amazingly, they are both quite skilled. In fact, they are probably better at chopping things than I am. One of them doesn’t even use the cutting board. Daisy just holds the cabbage in her hand and starts shaving away at it. Impressively, we haven’t had a boo-boo.

Usually, these little girls’ mothers do all the cooking, but less homework today means they get to help. All these pictures brings to mind my childhood and cooking with my mother. Now I am learning the art of African Cooking.

2 Responses to Chief Chefs of Mattaw

  1. Lady Anne says:

    What do you do with the milk? I know many non-whites have trouble digesting lactose. The Lord of the Manor is half Cherokee, and sometimes he can handle cheese and other times no.

    • elizabeth says:

      Believe it or not, milk is part of the staple diet here. You can buy it on nearly every street corner and in every store. Cheese, on the other hand is very hard to find. Most of my Kenyan friends hate cheese.

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