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The Chapati Man

What is everyone’s favorite thing to eat when they come to visit us from America? Chapati! Chapati is a flat bread that is made from water and flour , then cooked on an incredibly hot cast iron pan heated by a small charcoal stove. It’s smothered with Crisco as the vendor spins it around in the pan.  In Kenya the… (more…)

Settling Into Ministry Compound

We asked many of you all to pray for us as we shifted into our future home. We are now in the thick of working on repairs while waiting for our last two students to return from Agricultural training in Kenya. At this point, we have running hot water and half of the light sockets working. Still much work to… (more…)

A Small Room of Hope

We have begun renting a very simple one room apartment for our students to use as a dorm and classroom.  Oh my! Spending time with our students in this new humble house each day has opened our eyes to the magnitude of false teachings the average family in Soroti is exposed to. Day before yesterday, “pastors” (new hot title for… (more…)

Yoba Yogurt 

This might be the most creative substitute for a thermos yet. “Don’t sit on my Yoba!” That is the message Scovia has for anyone who might come to the house late tonight. We have been working all day on this first test round of Yoba yogurt using village milk and are now waiting for it to sit at 45 C… (more…)

Studying for Class

Ezra 7:10 “For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel.” That is more or less what is going on at our home tonight. While the men are in town copying off the first ever Foundation Course in Ateso langue, us ladies are… (more…)

New Baby December

We have some exciting news! We are expecting a baby in December (not sure whether it’s a boy or a girl). We hope to have the baby here and then travel to the States for a visit if it is in the Lords will.  I apologize for not communicating hardly at all over the past few months. Everything is well… (more…)

Reached Safely and In Jinja, Uganda

  My blog has refused to let me log in due to an incompatibility with my internet router and website server, but I believe I have found a temporary solution!  It took me around a week, but I have  safely traveled from Texas to Calvary Chapel Jinja for premarital counseling with my fiance John. We have had an awesome weekend visiting… (more…)