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Coffee Break

Every week, I stop in Eldoret on my way to the Nandi Hills to get something to eat and rest a bit before traveling the rest of the journey, and there is no better place in all of Eldoret to eat then the little Muslim coffee shop off the side of the main highway. It is by far the best… (more…)

Preparing for Evangelism

In the Nandi Hills, we stared by coming up with a game plan of how to reach people. Now we are practicing evangelism. We really enjoyed role playing (pictured below). I want all of us to have experience before we go door to door through the tea plantations sharing the gospel using the tracks I have. The reason why we… (more…)

Leis of Christmas Tinsel

Sometimes when someone wants to honor or welcome you here, they hug you and then wrap leis of Christmas tinsel around your neck. I am not even quite sure of the cultural significance, but it is a very nice gesture and makes you feel very appreciated. These pictures come from when we were opening the new school in the Nandi… (more…)

Things are Getting Kuku

Kuku in Swahili means chicken. So no, things are not getting crazy around here, but there has recently been a large influx of chickens. When a student pays for a class with a chicken, it is my job to transport it home. This week, my students brought 5 with them. If you can imagine my coworker and I stuffed into… (more…)

Teaching the Bible in the Public Schools

I have had an awesome week! I have started visiting my new classes and I have seen God working in a lot of hearts. My hope is to get all the BTCP students teaching the Bible in the Kenyan High Schools. I shared my testimony with the BTCP students in Pokot, Kaptama, and ICM campus. Then I explained how far… (more…)

Life Changing Testimonies

Jim and Melony Roche have been interviewing many of our students for a video. It has been quite an emotional week for all of us. Hearing their testimonies has really impacted me. I have spent a lot of time viewing these men and women as “students,” without realizing the enormous work God has done in their lives and what He… (more…)

New Classes

I have been traveling quite a bit this past week through bumpy roads and construction zones. Instead of visiting individual schools, I will be having select students from different schools coming to central locations where I will teach them. Then these students will take what I have taught them back to their classes and begin teaching their peers. For this… (more…)