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The John Surprise

As mentioned earlier, our student Scovia went to Jinja to participate in a Teacher training course offered by Bible League at the school where John was trained. Little did we know that John would have a pressing issue to take care of in Jinja two days latter. Anyways, he decided to stop in and surprise them, and it was a… (more…)

Earaches and Planes Don’t Go Well Together

I made a last minute judgment call and rescheduled my plane ticket. Something is wrong with my left tonsil and it is spreading to my left ear. I know waiting is the right thing to do because traveling to a third world country while your a little sick is the best way to get really sick. However, this has been… (more…)

Enjoying Fellowship

I had a wonderful time this week meeting 15 of BTC’s newest teachers. Greg and Beverly, the missionary couple I work for, had a conference at their home to encourage and equip these men and women before giving them their certifications so they may begin teaching the BTC material. I always love going over to Greg and Beverly’s house because… (more…)

Building Friendships

Thank you everyone for your prayer and concern. I am doing much better now and am finally home in Kitale. I have typhoid, but no malaria. Unfortunately the medication I am being treated with may be effecting my logic just a bit. I just found my toothpaste and deodorant in my kitchen cupboards after unpacking everything yesterday. lol. So, we will see how… (more…)

Fruit of the Spirit

Kenya has some of the most rare, colorful, and intricately made fruit in the world. Some are so bizarre they leave you wondering if they are dangerous, some so potent they never leave your mind, and some so sweet you wonder why people have so much junk food in their pantry. My prayer for Mattaw is that these children will have spiritual fruit of… (more…)

Saturdays in the Park

Well, the summer is coming to an end. This Saturday was the next to last day of the “river ministry.” This is the first ministry solely committed to outreach that I have ever taken part in. This is a video of some of the preaching that took place in the park over the summer.

Prayer from Exodus

Well, I have caught the cold. But it’s provided me time to sit and listen to the Lord. Sometimes I forget to make time for this, so illness, can be a blessing. I just finished Exodus this morning. While building the tabernacle, it was said in chapter 35, verse 5 “take among you an offering to the LORD. Whoever is of a… (more…)