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Learning Wisdom From Godly Men

This weekend was full of learning and teaching at what was the first leadership training conference Life Changing Discipleship has hosted. It was a time for teachers overseeing a large number of schools to come together and edify each other. Some of them are overseeing up to 10 BTCP schools and need advice on how best to manage and lead… (more…)

Preparing For an Adventuresome Weekend

Please pray for me this weekend. I will try and blog about all this and provide pictures as it unfolds: A two day Leadership Training Conference where I will be teaching starts tomorrow.  I then have a visitor coming from the States to help me with evangelism. I will be taking her two hours up the mountain to encourage the… (more…)

Pray for Books

My house has been quite lively this past week. My class mates have been coming to my house to study. Unfortunately, we cannot find BTCP books anywhere! China, Asia, Africa…everywhere the missionary couple I work with have bought them in the past have either run out of copies or stopped printing them. This is very serious because we have over… (more…)

Preparing for Evangelism

In the Nandi Hills, we stared by coming up with a game plan of how to reach people. Now we are practicing evangelism. We really enjoyed role playing (pictured below). I want all of us to have experience before we go door to door through the tea plantations sharing the gospel using the tracks I have. The reason why we… (more…)

Refugee Camp

We are preparing for September 6th! To the left is a picture of Caroline (my wonderful assistant) helping me make a large stack of handouts we will use to teach people about Jesus. What is happening on the 6th? Many from Life Changing Discipleship will be traveling to the Kakuma Refugee camp. We will be doing evangelism, outreach, pastoral encouragement/training… (more…)

Caught off Guard

I had a wonderful day in Eldoret. Officials estimate the population to be around 250,000, but any Kenyan will tell you it is around a million. I had to travel there for my alien ID card.  As I was leaving the Immigration Office, I noticed a Muslim woman sitting on a bench. She was eating a really nice salad made of fresh… (more…)

New Classes

I have been traveling quite a bit this past week through bumpy roads and construction zones. Instead of visiting individual schools, I will be having select students from different schools coming to central locations where I will teach them. Then these students will take what I have taught them back to their classes and begin teaching their peers. For this… (more…)