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Nursing Station

The medical room is nearly completed at Mattaw. Here is a picture of the boys sanding the shelves. They jumped right in and started helping while the adults did all the welding. They also applied a fresh coat of paint in the school. Thank you again (to Scott’s family) for coming all the way to Kenya and helping us complete… (more…)

Cards for Kenya

  Peter, our little African photographer, has been quite busy over the last few months taking pictures for everyone. Thanks to a group of high school students in Eldorado, Peter now has his own website! I sat down with Peter a few weeks ago and explained to him that there where people who wanted to publish his art. He was very excited… (more…)

Sick Day

I am a bit behind on blogging because I have food poisoning. I tried to tough it out, but I finally gave in this morning and went to the hospital. It was quite painful sitting in the hall for an hour waiting on lab results (laboratories here have a lot of power outages). Once the results were complete, the doctor promised me I wasn’t… (more…)

My First Christmas in Africa

African Church

I had a wonderful African Christmas with my parents this year. As you can imagine, Christmas is very different here. Our day started with Church service at Mattaw. Church in Africa is much more lively than in the US, and it is the high point of the week for those attending. It is very spirited, with lots of drums, singing,… (more…)

Attacking Ringworm

Let the attack of the ringworms be faced!  We have started a full fledged war against these fungi. I would have started this sooner, but I waited for a pharmacist from the states to come and help me dose the HIV kids. I wanted to treat everyone at the same time to prevent the ringworm from coming back. So, they are now all on… (more…)

Boys to Men

Well, if you remember our bead making party with the girls the other night, there was an underlying reason for that. All the boys were back at the village being circumcised. Yes, even our little Baby Georgie. In the Kenyan culture, circumcision marks the transition in life from being a child to becoming a man, so as you can imagine, it is often distorted as an… (more…)

Th-thug Th-thug

The children at Mattaw have found my stethoscope and have figured out how to use it. They follow me around the village chanting “th-thug th-thug th-thug” as they reach up around my neck to grab my Littmann stethoscope. I’m thinking of buying some string and saving a few cans so I can show them how to make a phone. In… (more…)