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New Chapter of Life

This week, we will be packing up and moving to Soroit, Uganda. This transition is one full of mixed emotions. While we are very excited to be shifting to a more remote area with a greater need of pastor training, I will miss all of my Kenyan family greatly. God has already provided us with a fully furnished three bedroom… (more…)


I spent the afternoon at at the Wootton’s house discussing >15 new classes that are starting up, an upcoming trip to Tanzania, and 3 teams coming from the States. It was quite exciting, but as everyone continue to prayerfully make plans, please praying for us. Please keep all of the new students in your prayers and all of those who will be… (more…)

Giving Thanks in All Circumstances

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18) If there is one thing I have been working on  it’s to give thanks in everything and avoid complaining and grumbling. So, I Praise the Lord that the eight day power outage has finally come to an end! Really, it was… (more…)

The Imortant Topic of Fearing God

I had quite an interesting afternoon today. One of my friends agreed to teach music to a local group of young 18 year olds, if–and only if–they agreed to let him share his faith and teach them from the Bible as long as classes continued. Some are Christians, some are Muslims, but the majority are just in the world and… (more…)


I live across the street from the compound where all the Mormon missionaries live. They have a huge temple 2 blocks away from my house and many teams full of young men coming and going. All the activity has left some of my Kenyan friends wondering, what is Mormonism? Why are these nice young men in white shirts always showing… (more…)

Witnessing At Highschool

Everyone remembers the first day of high school. For some it was good, and for some it was bad. Can you imagine if your first memory of high school was hearing the Gospel from an older classmate? Everyone has a choice. To share the Gospel with their younger peers or to keep them in darkness. There are so many times… (more…)

Preparing for Evangelism

Nikki, my friend from Texas, has arrived safely! After an eight hour bus ride, We spent the first day preparing for evangelism–which means cutting, folding, and practicing our skills. It is amazing how much time can go into preparation. We folded well over 300 tracks and after 3 hours of evangelism we are already out! Back to folding and cutting.… (more…)