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Visiting My Home Church

I just want to let everyone know that my health is back to normal! Thank you again for all your prayers. It’s such a blessing to have my health back. I am anticipating my return to Kenya this coming May. In the meantime, I have been visiting different churches in my community every weekend to share with them what God… (more…)

Cards for Kenya

  Peter, our little African photographer, has been quite busy over the last few months taking pictures for everyone. Thanks to a group of high school students in Eldorado, Peter now has his own website! I sat down with Peter a few weeks ago and explained to him that there where people who wanted to publish his art. He was very excited… (more…)


I have to write all the readers of this blog a special thank you! Our goofy little friend Peter Obote and his cousin Dan are fully sponsored. If you are still waiting on a sponsorship package, I contacted our sponsorship manager, and I hope to hear back  from her regarding the exact waiting period. Please bear with us, we have… (more…)

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch . . .

Since coming to Mattaw, I have been impressed with how effectively the children are fed. Each child gets the needed food, and has a well balanced diet. I had been concerned, however, that the children could benefit from having vitamin supplements. In particular, the children with special health problems would benefit from supplements. Some students at Eldorado High School heard about… (more…)

Peter and Dan Need Sponsorship Now


I spend a lot of time showing you Peter’s photography, but I have not told you much about his past. Humphrey, our social worker, was walking home one day when he found two starving little boys digging through the trash. These two boys’ names were Peter and Dan. They had very little–basically the cloths on their back and Angeline, Peter’s… (more…)

Mattaw Moment on Youtube

New Youtube video of Mattaw! I enjoyed this because it shows before and after pictures of the kids. However, it is important not to become distracted by the physical differences and forget about the spiritual. Feeding orphans bread, medically assisting them, and giving them families are all great things, but they are not what make a long term impact on a child’s life–only knowing Jesus… (more…)

A Little Goes a Long Way

I went and exchanged some money. My $60 was worth nearly $5000 in shillings. Imagine going to the pump to fill up for gas and paying $500 per gallon. I am still having a hard time adapting to the price.