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Yoba Yogurt 

This might be the most creative substitute for a thermos yet. “Don’t sit on my Yoba!” That is the message Scovia has for anyone who might come to the house late tonight. We have been working all day on this first test round of Yoba yogurt using village milk and are now waiting for it to sit at 45 C… (more…)

Back in Texas

I arrived in Christoval, Texas at 1:00 am Sunday morning after my father picked me up at the airport with his student Austin Albine (it was a big surprise to see Austin; I’m starting to feel like he is my little brother). We went to church that morning and I don’t know if I have had so many hugs in my life.… (more…)

Thank You

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed funds towards the new ministry vehicle. We put it to good use this weekend traveling to the Tea Estates for evangelism. I cannot express my gratitude enough. My driving lessons start this week. Returning to Kenya took a lot of prayer and faith last year after some of the experiences I… (more…)

Return Date

Praise God! I will be arriving in Kenya on the 24th of May.  I have been greatly blessed with many ministry opportunities since I have been home, and have been able to share my faith with unbelievers. Not only this but I have also  been blessed with many speaking opportunities. I am sorry for not posting more updates! I have purposefully avoided blogging to try… (more…)

First Week Home

Hi everyone! I am felling much better now. Thank you for your prayers. I spent yesterday having lunch with my next door neighbor. She attended the same university as me, went to the church across the street from mine, and lived in the town next to me, but we never met until we were living across the street from each other in Africa. We… (more…)

Visiting Home

As of the 25 of this month, I will be leaving for Nairobi, and then heading home to the states and arriving on the 27th–for a visit. Words cannot express what transformation God has done in my heart over this past year. I have truly seen the lost found and the broken healed, and in the process been healed from a lot… (more…)

The Search for Bibles Begins

After spending a week in prayer over the issue, I have decided to look into buying bibles for the work camps in the Nandi hills, and if possible, providing each house with a copy of God’s Word. After that, if the women there want to start a biblical foundation class, I want to teach them. It is a very long drive… (more…)