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Pray for a Firm Grounding in the Word

My students and I set out for door to door evangelism, looking for new students my students will teach. One thing that breaks our hearts is how many people there are in Western Kenya who claim to be Christians, and go to church, but have never heard the gospel. Almost all of the people I have spoken to believe they… (more…)


My students are ready to start discipleing people in their communities, so we have started evangelism in the area and are leading people to Christ, getting their phone numbers, and signing them up for Bible classes. It is quite exciting. It will probably take us another month to reach all of the community we have mapped out. So, how do… (more…)

Preparing For an Adventuresome Weekend

Please pray for me this weekend. I will try and blog about all this and provide pictures as it unfolds: A two day Leadership Training Conference where I will be teaching starts tomorrow.  I then have a visitor coming from the States to help me with evangelism. I will be taking her two hours up the mountain to encourage the… (more…)

Take Every Opportunity Part 1

While hosting a small party of congratulations for one of my friends graduating from college (pictured to the left with her mom), I met two young men around my age that were very interested in understanding more about God. The party was to end at 5:00 and they were at my house till 9:00 asking me some very tough questions… (more…)

Coffee Break

Every week, I stop in Eldoret on my way to the Nandi Hills to get something to eat and rest a bit before traveling the rest of the journey, and there is no better place in all of Eldoret to eat then the little Muslim coffee shop off the side of the main highway. It is by far the best… (more…)

Preparing for Evangelism

In the Nandi Hills, we stared by coming up with a game plan of how to reach people. Now we are practicing evangelism. We really enjoyed role playing (pictured below). I want all of us to have experience before we go door to door through the tea plantations sharing the gospel using the tracks I have. The reason why we… (more…)

Chief’s Village

Ok, thank you everyone for your prayers. I am feeling 100% better and strong as ever before. However, I did not leave for Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda with the team on Friday. I stayed behind. I felt at complete peace about the decision and had many confirmations that I needed to stay home and help with things here. So, now… (more…)