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The Zambian, Truck Driver Evangelist

What a testimony from our friend Alex! We met him at the BTCP teacher training in Nakonde, Zambia. While people parish for a lack of knowledge about Jesus Christ, pastors in Zambia are busy preaching prosperity, visiting villages for crusades, making money, and living comfortable lives. They never truly share the Gospel or live among the people to disciple them… (more…)

Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia

Hello everyone! We have finally made it back to Kenya after a 23 day journey of traveling 4170 miles across what seemed on the map to be a small portion of this huge content. Our team consisted of the Woottons (International Directors), Thomas Kirui (National Director), 3 of our regional leaders, 2 BTCP graduates from Ugandans, and myself. Here is… (more…)

Training in Kakamega

If there is one area in need of a discipleship movement it is Kakamega. We went there last month for evangelism and I must say people there are very religious! I don’t know exactly what cults are predominant in the area, but you can’t walk down the street without seeing all kinds of funny hats, long gowns, and uniforms that express where… (more…)


So often, we forget how witnessing is a crucial part of the way we demonstrate our faith. Everything we say and do, should point to Christ, glorify  Him, and make Him known to the world. If there was any highlight of the Kakamega outreach for me, it was seeing the ladies from Pastor Daniel’s church go for evangelism. I had… (more…)

Witnessing to the Lost

One of the hardest things about evangelism is reaching out to religious people. Sometimes, I would willfully take on an atheist over a religious person.  When my friends and I were in Tanzania, we met a group of ladies who had been sitting in church their whole lives, but when my friend Daniel and I shared the Gospel with them,  they… (more…)

Planning 2nd Generation Discipleship

Please pray for Nandi Hills. Things are moving along! After reaching 100s of people during evangelism in the tea estates, 118 people successfully completed a year long discipleship course underneath the careful leadership of my students (and co-workers in Christ) pictured to the right. Now, some of those 118 students of my students are ready to join BTCP and/or start their… (more…)

Witnessing At Highschool

Everyone remembers the first day of high school. For some it was good, and for some it was bad. Can you imagine if your first memory of high school was hearing the Gospel from an older classmate? Everyone has a choice. To share the Gospel with their younger peers or to keep them in darkness. There are so many times… (more…)