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Seeing the Lord at Work

This week in the Nandi Hills was absolutely amazing. Thank you for your prayers. Sorry I was unable to update my blog while I was there. I will spend the next few days recapping on our trip, but my internet is acting up so please be patient with me. The Nandi Hills are a place where God’s majesty is evident through His creation everywhere… (more…)

Making New Friends while Saying Goodbye to Others

Today I said goodbye to my company. They have begun their 40 hour journey home. However, as they leave, I will have the pleasure of building friendships and relationships with those that they leave behind. After Lisa and I spoke at the women’s conference, the church  asked me to come and lead a bible study for the women! What we preached was… (more…)

How To and How Not To

One of the hardest things about being here is wanting to help and not knowing how. If I leave someone in a state of starvation, how on earth am I representing Christ? If I fill someones belly, give their kids medicine, and pay for their kid’s school, and then share the gospel, why is it that they don’t accept Christ?… (more…)

Book Binding

Hefty duty stapler! Who would have ever guessed that the small paper supply shack here in town would have had one of these things. I am now able to bind textbooks together, which means my students now pay 100 ksh for their textbooks instead of 300. It is Amazing how expensive Kitale Printers has become over the past few  months. At first… (more…)

Pokot Wedding

There was a huge wedding in Pokot this weekend thanks to Life Changing Discipleship and Greg and Beverly Wootten. They really gave there all to provide these pastors and their wife’s with an official wedding. In Kenya, marriage is a very difficult subject. Mainly because a man must pay a hefty dowry to their future father-in-law before they can officially marry a young lady.… (more…)

Building Friendships

Thank you everyone for your prayer and concern. I am doing much better now and am finally home in Kitale. I have typhoid, but no malaria. Unfortunately the medication I am being treated with may be effecting my logic just a bit. I just found my toothpaste and deodorant in my kitchen cupboards after unpacking everything yesterday. lol. So, we will see how… (more…)