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Return Date

Praise God! I will be arriving in Kenya on the 24th of May.  I have been greatly blessed with many ministry opportunities since I have been home, and have been able to share my faith with unbelievers. Not only this but I have also  been blessed with many speaking opportunities. I am sorry for not posting more updates! I have purposefully avoided blogging to try… (more…)


This was the last visit to Kaptama before heading home (about 2 hours outside of town). I asked these ladies to hold up their books so I could take a picture for you all. These Foundation Course books were not given to them for free. They purchased them with their own hard work. You can tell a student is truly committed when… (more…)

Saying Goodbyes

Well, the pictures I took didn’t turn out. I tried deleting a few and accidentally deleted all of them! So, here is the conglomeration of posts I intended to make over the past few days: Last week, Caroline and I made 4 apple pies and chicken spaghetti casserole. She is turning into quite the chef. I am proud to announce that she is… (more…)

Visiting Home

As of the 25 of this month, I will be leaving for Nairobi, and then heading home to the states and arriving on the 27th–for a visit. Words cannot express what transformation God has done in my heart over this past year. I have truly seen the lost found and the broken healed, and in the process been healed from a lot… (more…)

Laini Moja

If you remember the post I made when Lisa and I took the orphans shopping, you will probably recognize this place. It is the clothing market on Laini Moja street. It is part of Kitale’s open air market (between the dried fish market and the carpentry open air market). Buried somewhere in this long tunnel of second hand American clothing is a little… (more…)

Beyond the Nandi Hills

Beyond the Nandi Hills and towards Uganda lies a little town known as Kitale. Kitale has become my home over the last year and a half, and although I have always known how to get around town and where to buy what, it was not until I joined Life Changing Discipleship that I learned about the people of Kitale and their spiritual… (more…)

The Search for Bibles Begins

After spending a week in prayer over the issue, I have decided to look into buying bibles for the work camps in the Nandi hills, and if possible, providing each house with a copy of God’s Word. After that, if the women there want to start a biblical foundation class, I want to teach them. It is a very long drive… (more…)