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Youth Conference

We had a blast at Cornerstone’s Annual Youth Conference. Our topics were Counting the Cost of Following Jesus and Putting on the Full Armor of God. I had the pleasure of hosting some of the high school girls at my home who came for the conference. Although we had a great time, there were some things in my house that really left… (more…)

When God is at Work, Not Man

We have a new class just for women! I went deep into the mountain to visit these ladies, and you will never believe how God is moving through these people. When we showed up, over half the class room was filled with men. Our director asked them “what are you doing here? This is a ladies class!” Turns out all… (more…)

More News from Pokot

There is an area very deep in Pokot territory called Alale. It is around 5 hrs drive deep into the bush, and if you hike another 30 km  by foot, you will meet people who don’t even know what century it is. I met a couple by the name of Rick and Mary who have been doing mission work around… (more…)

How To Perform A Remote Medical Mission

Ok, so you want to come to Africa and set up a temporary clinic that treats people, witness to them about Jesus, and leaves a lasting impact, but you have less than a week on the ground. What do you do? 1. Identify a group who can do follow up. This is the MOST IMPORTANT PART and should be done… (more…)

True Giving

While we were at a girls’ school in Kitale sharing the Word on a Sunday morning, it really touched my heart to see these girls taking up an offering. I don’t know what it was for, or who will spend it, but it was a touching sight. Most high school students in Kenya don’t hardly have enough money to afford their… (more…)

Christmas Eve In Kitale, Kenya

Christmas in Kenya is very different than in the States. Although people celebrate by spending time with their family, there is a lot less materialism. Below is how I spent Christmas Eve with my friends. We went to a kesha. Kesha is the local name for an overnight prayer service. Usually a church comes together once a week for a… (more…)

Chief’s Village

Ok, thank you everyone for your prayers. I am feeling 100% better and strong as ever before. However, I did not leave for Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda with the team on Friday. I stayed behind. I felt at complete peace about the decision and had many confirmations that I needed to stay home and help with things here. So, now… (more…)