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Sweet Ride

Looks like I will be traveling around in style with Bud and Kimberly, the directors of Mattaw. This is one sweet Ride!

The 8 hour drive

Alright, I thought it was going to take 2 days to travel from Texas to Kitale, but it ended up taking 3. (Also, I didn’t have a good internet connection until today). Here are some pictures of a road trip straight out of National Geographic. We came pretty close to hitting some baboons and zebra, but luckily they are smarter than deer and don’t leap… (more…)


I would like to take a moment to raise awareness of the ministry taking place in Ghana. Ghana is located in North West Africa, and the northern parts of Ghana  are predominantly Muslims.  However, the gospel is being openly preached in this county by some very brave people serving their local community. Their ministry provides mothers with a place to take their young infants when in… (more…)

Hydroponic Veggies

The pictures I have included are from my hydroponic greenhouse at home–my mother makes the best salads on earth! It sounds as if Mattaw Children’s Village would enjoy some agricultural independence. Some of their children have HIV and other chronic heath problems, and their treatment would benefit from dietary changes that are not feasible at this time (AKA the stuff just isn’t available).… (more…)

Comparing Kenya with the USA

I wandered onto WHO’s website today. Some of their statistics really stood out to me! Kenya Population: 39,802,000 GNP: 1,560 Life Span m/f: 58/62 years Probability of dying under 5 per 1000: 84 Probability of dying 15-60 m/f: 358/282 years Total Expenditure of GDP on Heath: 4.3%   United States Population: 314,659,000 GNP: 46,790 Life Span: m/f 76/81 Probability of… (more…)

The Kenya Shilling

One quarter is almost worth 25 Kenyan dollars, (actually called shillings). And, yes, they are divided into 100 cents. Imagine going to buy a car and getting a bill for 1,800,000! Or making 180 a day, but not have enough money for a family meal. Or, paying 900 for a movie ticket.    


I have another video to share with you from Mattaw. Mattaw’s theme verse is Isaiah 61:1-41. Fundraising Update I spent yesterday in Eldorado, Texas at my grandmother’s church. Everyone was touched to hear of Mattaw and the ministry taking place there. The church was very generous to take my support letters and send them to people in their community. There were also people in the… (more…)