Catching up on Kitale Life

I haven’t been blogging because every time I try, the power goes out. This week has been very exciting and a lot has been accomplished. So I will try and catch you up to speed!

The team of Ugandan young men who accompanied us to Kakuma Refugee Camp are still with us. They have been doing ministry in our town and in surrounding villages up to 2 hours away.

Above is a picture of all of us at Imani TV/Radio station. A few minutes after the team started sharing on the topic of evangelism and outreach, there was a three hour power outage that delayed the recording, but they were all very patient and finished. Imani had placed an order for 100 Bibles for me and I was there to pick them up. I cannot express how much they have helped me in this area.

Above are two pictures of Seeds Orphanage. We taught the children how to sing Jesus Carry me on Your Back in Ugandan. Then John shared a Bible story with them.

Everyday over the past week has been full of evangelism. When everyone gets home at night, we sit and share the stories from our day, have praise and worship, and then pray. There was one day we spent over an hour sharing our faith with a Muslim. He accepted Christ as Savior.

There has been quite a bit of cooking and quite a bit of eating over this past week! Above is a picture of the first rabbit stew I have ever seen. It was very good. Tastes like a rich chicken stew. 

While everyone was out doing evangelism Thursday, I spent the day in the kitchen making dinner for everyone. 

Here are pictures of us in Rafiki, where we went door to door sharing the gospel. I led one lady to Christ who has set in church her whole life and never heard the gospel. Above is a picture of John sharing the “7 commands of Christ” track with a group of men in Rafiki.

Finally, there was the wedding! Above is a picture of me and my friends dressed up ready to go, and below is a picture of Isaiah Wootton and Dr. Fao saying their “I do.” Isaiah and Dr. Fao were the ones who traveled with us to Kakuma Refugee Camp and ran the medical part of our ministry there. Isaiah’s parents run the mission organization I am working with. I must say it was the best wedding I have ever been to. There were two ceremonies, one Kenyan, and one Israeli. Halfway through the wedding, a very big storm came through and all 150 of us took shelter in the Wootton’s house–it was very tight. Then the power outage happened. However, the band continued to play, everyone kept celebrating and the cake was cut by candle light.

We have all had a very exciting, memorable week full of joy and Praising the Lord. Today, I have a group of people at my house from San Angelo, Texas and we will be leaving for Pokot in a few minutes. We will be in the tribal region of Pokot for one week helping local pastors and doctors with evangelism.

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  1. LM says:

    This was such a wonderful blog today, I didn’t want it to end. There are great things happening there, praise be to the Lord, He has put you in the right place. You have my prayers and support for whatever needs you have that I am able to provide. I love you most of all.

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