Calvary Chapel’s Annual East African Pastors Conference

ellie“As in Philipians 1:6, our confidence continues to grow with the good work the SMBS team did in Uganda. Ellie, a young man who the SMBS team was disciplining, has decided to give up everything for Christ. I got him this morning at our gate at 8 am with his handwritten application letter asking to leave high school in favor of BTCP training. Pray for this young man as he makes a tough decision that might result to rejection from his relatives. I can only look at Elli and reflect 3 yrs back when I risked my life for Christ too.”–John.

John posted this update to Facebook a few weeks back and Ellie is doing excellent. His family is all very proud of him, and we are seeing clearly that he has a heart for the Lord.

We sent him to Kenya over the past week  for Calvary Chapel’s Annual Pastor’s Conference. It was a huge honor for such a youth. It was his first time to ever leave Uganda. He came home night before last and said the whole conference was on leadership skills and that he really enjoyed it. He also had a good time bonding with the godly group of men on our church’s leadership team. His face was beaming as he showed us a brand new NKJV Study Bible he was rewarded after showing up early. It might be the nicest Bible I have ever seen in all of Uganda! Anyways, we felt like proud parents.

You can read more about Ellie’s testimony under the “Meet Our Students” tab.

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