After nearly a week straight without internet, signs of life are finally returning to my Safaricom modem!

Below are some pictures of the Men and Women in one of my classes. They had invited me to a ministry conference in Bungoma this weekend. We had a fun time hiking around all the huge enormous rocks at Cornerstone Fellowship, eating African food, and listening to a guest speaker from the D.R. Congo. It was interesting hearing what he had to say about common misconceptions Africans have regarding the Word of God.

2 Responses to Bungoma

  1. LM says:

    Wonderful and unusual pictures of trees and rocks. Nothing like we see. That is another world over where you are. I always notice how well everyone dresses, they are neat and modest. I like all of your pictures. Thank you and my God continue to bless you. Lilly

  2. Nora says:

    Love your pics. The rocks and trees are amazing. I love the smiling faces also.

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