Bungoma Class: 631 being discipeled by students

100_9407I am excited and so proud of our new BTCP class in Bungoma. After training them how to teach a simple Bible course and then keeping them accountable to find disciples of their own, I totaled the number of people they are meeting with on a weekly basis and it came to 631 men, women, high school students, and middle school students! They have targeted a wide variety of people–from school children to local churches and government offices. I gave them an opportunity to share testimonies before the class and one high school teacher shared how a student at her school gave his life to Jesus over the past month after she witnessed to him. She said he was a Satan worshiper. Please pray for him. She said he just moved away to a different town and she is trying to get him plugged into a specific church there.

We had the pleasure of hosting a few of the students from the Bungoma class for a two day long BTCP teacher training here in Kitale. They are now certified to teach BTCP and will be leading the rest of the class in Bungoma through the two year long Bible training for pastors and church leaders. Caroline (the one lady standing next to me in the photo) will not only be attending the BTCP classes that the men will be teaching, but she will also be taking a group of women through the curriculum in a village near by.  Please keep them all in your prayers. They come from an amazing church and the majority of them are very gifted high school teachers (including the head pastor).

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