Building at Mattaw

I took today to do my grocery shopping for the week, so no pictures for today. However, I have some pictures of construction for you all and a video of the brick machine.

Basically, all the bricks have two holes in them. When a wall is built, these holes line up. The final step before putting the roof on is to drop a few pieces of rebar down each hole and then fill them with cement. After this,  The outside of the wall is plastered with cement to create a more eye appealing exterior.

4 Responses to Building at Mattaw

  1. Chaplain Tom says:

    Busy, busy

  2. LM says:

    Thank you for putting the construction and brick making on, it’s nice to see there is a way to do the corners after all. That is ingenious,it looks like it would go up fast. We are all builders at heart. Jesus was a carpenter. Blessings, Lilly

  3. Aaron says:

    Interesting machine 🙂

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