Building a Home

Mike Duff’s Team from New Mexico arrived today and they are constructing house 6 at Mattaw.

Many of the children were quick to help. They wanted to build a place for other orphans to live. A place for children who are living a miserable life that is now forgotten in their past. Without even being asked, Franco jumped in and started moving blocks, Peter started cleaning them with the brush, and next thing you know, the whole soccer field was empty. Every little finger was grabbing a brick.

That is, all except three year old George (last picture) who saw the event as an opportunity for his daily photo-shoot. He spent the whole time being held and getting tickled while the other kids worked…but that’s Georgie boy for you.

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  1. LM says:

    These are wonderful pictures! Everyone wants to be a part of something, work can be as much fun as play and so much more rewarding. These children are doing a noble thing and don’t even realize it. Thanks to the New Mexico team too. They won’t forget this time they spent at Mattaw, they will come back again~ Love, Lilly

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