The Kenya Shilling

One quarter is almost worth 25 Kenyan dollars, (actually called shillings). And, yes, they are divided into 100 cents. Imagine going to buy a car and getting a bill for 1,800,000! Or making 180 a day, but not have enough money for a family meal. Or, paying 900 for a movie ticket.    


I have another video to share with you from Mattaw. Mattaw’s theme verse is Isaiah 61:1-41. Fundraising Update I spent yesterday in Eldorado, Texas at my grandmother’s church. Everyone was touched to hear of Mattaw and the ministry taking place there. The church was very generous to take my support letters and send them to people in their community. There were also people in the… (more…)

At the River

Today I spent my afternoon with the Christoval Texas River Ministry. These wonderful people go where many would not. Their intention is to share the love of Christ with those who find themselves at the end of their rope–those with severe drug addictions, felony charges, etc. They have given me many opportunities to witness, lay hands on people and to… (more…)

Treating Epidemics

Around 1 million people are afflicted with cholera every year. Of these, 98% occur in Africa. When a child contacts cholera, they may die within hours of their first symptom. The bacteria (Vibrio cholerae) releases toxins leading to metabolic acidosis, hypokalemia, and eventual cardiovascular collapse. Pictured to the right is all that is needed to save a life. WHO claims that their oral rehydration fluid (ORF) is just as effective… (more…)

San Jacinto Clinic

Dr. Rider (the one attempting to give me bunny ears in picture to the right) and the San Jacinto School Based Clinic have become special friends of mine over the last few weeks. They have taken me under their wing and given me the hand’s on experience I need for my trip. Free of charge, these people have made me… (more…)

See Mattaw

I would like to share with you all a video of Mattaw Children’s Village. Over the summer they will be building housing and adopting more children. By the time I leave in September, they will have rescued another 30 children. Not only this, but they are raising money to build a “baby house,” were they hope to adopt infants. I… (more…)

Peanut Brittle at Sister’s Cafe

I received my very first donation today! Sister’s Cafe at the San Angelo Airport has graciously agreed to sell homemade peanut brittle all this week to help with my airfare. Pictured to the right is my first contributor. He has been in love with my grandmother’s award winning peanut brittle recipe for quite some time. As I was leaving the… (more…)