A Small Room of Hope

We have begun renting a very simple one room apartment for our students to use as a dorm and classroom. ¬†Oh my! Spending time with our students in this new humble house each day has opened our eyes to the magnitude of false teachings the average family in Soroti is exposed to. Day before yesterday, “pastors” (new hot title for witch doctors) showed up to the apartment complex to preform rituals which would reveal which demons were harboring the place. They then proceeded to “cleans” the place by shaking a picture of Mary at everything and digging holes every place where the demons were entering so that they could bury holy water there. They also proceeded to digging crosses in the dirt and anoint people with their water. This all done after they had pulled off some ritualistic prayer movements that resembled Kung fu. I have no clue what they were paid in the end but I doubt Ghost Busters work for free.

So that was day before yesterday. Yesterday, we were all bombarded by the Jehovah’s Witnesses. After they left, I went to the neighbors’ homes and explained what was wrong with the papers. Still waiting to see what odd stuff shows up today.

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