220 Gave Their Lives to Jesus


I was overwhelmed with joy to visit the ladies class up in the mountains this past week! After being away three months in the States, I came home to find them teaching a total of 1,600 people–mainly children.

Pictured above is a BTCP graduate who came each day while I was teaching the ladies to encourage them. He took notes on how I was teaching them so he could eventually go and teach the men. Since I left, he has also started his own Foundation Course Classes. He is teaching 30 church members and also 220 kids at a local middle school (this is part of the 1,600 count).

He told me the first day he went to teach the children he taught them about Adam and Eve’s sin, and how everyone is a sinner separated from God (sin was a new concept for them). Before he left the school that day, the students had come under serious conviction that they needed a savior. So, he asked if any of them wanted to give their lives to Jesus, and 220 arms went up in the air! They all gave their lives to Jesus. Since that day he has continued to meet with them after class once a week to teach them more and more about following Jesus. All the kids love him and are hungry to learn more about Christ.

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  1. Sonny Kistnasamy says:

    Dear Elizabeth

    It’s been a long while since I last wrote on your blog … but I want to know how life is treating you over there . You give so much love to others and I hope you have time to take of yourself too …
    I am so sorry if I sound “selfish” but I really do hope you are also taking good care of yourself.

    Your friend

    Sonny …

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