Monthly Archives: October 2016

Settling Into Ministry Compound

We asked many of you all to pray for us as we shifted into our future home. We are now in the thick of working on repairs while waiting for our last two students to return from Agricultural training in Kenya. At this point, we have running hot water and half of the light sockets working. Still much work to… (more…)

Calvary Chapel’s Annual East African Pastors Conference

“As in Philipians 1:6, our confidence continues to grow with the good work the SMBS team did in Uganda. Ellie, a young man who the SMBS team was disciplining, has decided to give up everything for Christ. I got him this┬ámorning at our gate at 8 am with his handwritten application letter asking to leave high school in favor of… (more…)

Organics 4 Orphans

We spoke to James and Peter last night over the phone. We sent them off to Kenya around one week ago for a very intense agricultural training with “Organics 4 Orphans.” The training covers much about nutrition, medicinal plants, and how to educate villagers in an effort to fight starvation–which is a problem in their villages. They have been enjoying… (more…)