Monthly Archives: September 2016

Not Your Typical Teenager

For the past three months, there has been a team visiting from Slavic Missionary Bible School (SMBS). One day, they wondered upon Eli’s home while taking a shortcut from their house to the vegetable market. Eli’s aunt persistently invited them  to come and eat dinner at her home, so they used the opportunity to start a Bible Study once a… (more…)

Sipi Falls Class

We spent the last month without having class with our Sipi Falls group! There was no way for us to reach class early Saturday mornings without a car while we were in the process of trying to find a new one. When we returned, we weren’t sure what we would find. Would pastors still be there to study? Sure enough,… (more…)

Proscovia Baptized

After seeing Peter baptized, Proscovia (one of our students) decided to be baptized as well! She had been sprinkled as a young child, but wanted to be baptized in a more Biblical manner. We followed the baptism up with swimming lessons and a good dinner of pork and chips. Had we only known our church was doing baptism again this Sunday we… (more…)

The Local Super Walmart

It may not look like much but onesies cost 3 for a $1 and 4 lbs of tomatoes go for $0.75. There are many departments: home gardening, home decor, fresh produce, apparel, cleaning supplies, etc. 

A Small Room of Hope

We have begun renting a very simple one room apartment for our students to use as a dorm and classroom.  Oh my! Spending time with our students in this new humble house each day has opened our eyes to the magnitude of false teachings the average family in Soroti is exposed to. Day before yesterday, “pastors” (new hot title for… (more…)

Answered Prayer

Flash back to the 90s! I keep telling my husband I feel like I’m in a Jurassic Park Movie (although he and the rest of our students have never heard of Jurassic Park). For those of you who have been praying for us a vehicle, this was truly the answer! After months of trying to sell our old vehicle in… (more…)