Monthly Archives: August 2016

Whatever You do Don’t Touch Him!

My parents and Austin came for a visit last month and we had a wonderful time with them. The majority of the ministry they helped with was marriage conferences. I will never forget the day the whole church broke out in laughter when my father grabbed John by the hand during a skit. It turns out, in Teso culture, it… (more…)

They Call It A Cross-Cultural Marriage

I stumbled over something on my way to make breakfast in the morning. I could give a long list of the creepy crawly things I have found in my flour, corn meal, rice and beans over the past few months, but this one beats them all. Somehow, between 4:00-7:00 am, appeared a large ant hill at the base of the… (more…)


We took Peter, our new student, to church with us for the first time today, not knowing that it would be his turn to be buried in baptism with Christ, and raised to walk in newness of life. It’s been such an encouragement this week seeing him earnestly reading God’s Word this past week.

Prison Minstry Update

So delighted with Prison ministry results. Peter got saved from Prisons and continued with discipleship class. Now he is released from prison and still thirsts for more intensive discipleship. He says he better suffer for Christ instead. He is ready for a 2 year program. Today we spent the whole day finding a future Dormitory for him and other students… (more…)

Sick Day

We have had a sick student at our house for the past few days. She is on about 9 different tablets at this point! But praise the Lord, we know what’s wrong and treatment is working. She spent time studying with me today and is feeling much better, but the meds are making her extremely dizzy.