Monthly Archives: March 2016

Paul’s Heavenly, Huge Watermelons

As our well project proved more and more difficult, the Lord sent us some encouragement. This is Paul. Paul is a retired Ugandan Revenue official who decided to plant some watermelon seeds in  his backyard one day. In two and a half months time, without any fertilizers or pesticides, Paul had so many 10 Kg watermelons he din’t know what to… (more…)

The Waterfall Class

The little school on the ridge of the huge waterfall has begun! We met with six students this week, gave them their books, and opened class. We loaded them down with homework (50 chapters of Genesis and 5 pages of hermeneutics homework). Since then, we have been communicating with them. They are diligently working on their homework and reporting that they will need… (more…)

Sipi Falls BTCP Class

Six future BTCP students have payed for books so far in Sipi Falls and more are to come! Yeehhhaaa. We spent all of last Monday there with Thomas Kirui (Director of Life Changing Discipleship) and Luis Tiffer (Bird watcher from Nicaragua) talking to the local Pastors and Church leaders about whether they are ready for pastoral training to start. They… (more…)

Baptisms in Lake Kyoga

John 14:15 “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” John 15:14 “You are my friends if you do what I command you.” Seeing students putting their faith into action by applying what they have learned is the sign that true discipleship is taking place. That is what we found happening when we visited Eugene’s Foundation Course Class. Eugene… (more…)

A Recipe for Discipleship

This is Scovia and she is an answer to prayer. I have been praying for quite some time now that God would provide me with a young lady whom I could start discipleing one on one. Scovia is an orphan who is from John’s village and recently graduated from high school. She really desires to become an expert at baking. Owning… (more…)

The Village Project

Pictured above is my in-laws’ home in Serere County, Uganda. People say that there is no such thing as the edge of the earth, but my husband believes if people visited his village, they would change their minds. Anyways, while we are waiting for our new discipleship classes to organize themselves, we have used some of the money from our wedding shower… (more…)

Our Moving Day Experience

We left Kenya for Uganda early in the morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:00 am. Our mission: to arrive with all of our household possessions by noon at our new home in Soroti, Uganda. Of course our moving van wasn’t quite ordinary to say the least–a safari vehicle with a “pop up roof” that was just high enough… (more…)