Monthly Archives: September 2015

Back in Texas

I arrived in Christoval, Texas at 1:00 am Sunday¬†morning after my father picked me up at the airport with his student Austin Albine (it was a big surprise to see Austin;¬†I’m starting to feel like he is my little brother). We went to church that morning and I don’t know if I have had so many hugs in my life.… (more…)

Women Disciple-ing Women

Wow, I’ve been so busy I haven’t been communicating. Sorry for my lack of blogging and missions reports. I just arrived back home in America on Saturday night, so now I have time to blog. Pictured below is the women’s BTCL (Bible Training Center for Church Leaders) class in Kapsokwony, Mt Elgon. These few ladies have done an excellent job… (more…)