Monthly Archives: August 2015

Visiting Home September

I have had much company this past two weeks, so my time has been eaten up cooking and spending time with visitors instead of communicating about ministry! Everyone is doing well here in Kitale. The Wootton and a team from Johnson Ferry Baptist will be returning from D. R. Congo and Rwanda on the 30th. I am just busy trying… (more…)

The White Lady’s Pet Chicken

Above is the group of ladies who prayed that they would one day meet my mother. And oh, was it ever a joyful time when that day finally came–full of celebrations, singing, feasting, and many, many gifts. My mom spoke to them about spending time in the Word every day (while my dad was outside speaking with the men). The… (more…)

Do You Use Your Mirror?

Pictured below is the lovely Miss Doreen. This Sunday, I had her stand up in front of the church full of ladies and explained she would be getting married soon (which is true). “I asked them what must we do to make her pretty?” They had many ideas. So I told them, “lets pretend that she is preparing for her… (more…)

A Youth’s Message for a Highschool

If there is one speech I will never forget in my life, it was Austin’s speech to the students at Kapsokwony High School. Austin is a teenager from Texas. He spoke to the Kenyan young men about the many pleasure and materialistic wealth that American youth enjoy and the emptiness that it leads to. After speaking, everyone of these young… (more…)