Monthly Archives: July 2015

God Makes Difficult Things Possible

Well, after three weeks with very limited internet connection discouraging me from blogging, I have finally found that if I leave my router out in the driveway I can sort of, kind of, get a connection enough to upload a photo. I intend to post pictures and stories from when my parents were here doing ministry, but first I must tell… (more…)

Family Comming

I am on the way to Nairobi right now to pick up my parents and one of my dad’s high school students from the airport. They will be with us for a little less than three weeks helping with the ministry our Ukrainian team is doing. Please keep everyone in your prayers. Seems like everyone has been struggling with their… (more…)


We have finished Foundation Course Teacher Training in Kakamega area. I have been going there every few weeks with a group of my friends to encourage local BTCP students to start a discipleship program for their community. Pastor Herman (one of the BTCP students) called me last night and said “Hello Missionary!” [Herman always calls me missionary because I wont let him… (more…)