Monthly Archives: June 2015

Little Mama Maria’s Restaurant

After spending two hours at the border of Malawi, our team was quite hungry, but we pushed on without food. We passed little town after little town but no clean restaurant in sight. Finally, we saw a sign written “cold drinks sold here.” We decided to parked the car and pulled over. After following what could have been a cow… (more…)

The Zambian, Truck Driver Evangelist

What a testimony from our friend Alex! We met him at the BTCP teacher training in Nakonde, Zambia. While people parish for a lack of knowledge about Jesus Christ, pastors in Zambia are busy preaching prosperity, visiting villages for crusades, making money, and living comfortable lives. They never truly share the Gospel or live among the people to disciple them… (more…)

Good, Gooder, Goodest!

I will never forget Pastor Adam from Mbeya. “Good, Gooder, Goodest!” was always this old baba’s response to a job well done. Although he knew better, he loved to make fun of his English. He and his church were very enthusiastic about BTCP (Bible Training Center for Pastors). By the time we left Tanzania on our way back to Kenya,… (more…)

Delicious Culture Shock

I have heard rumors over the past few years that Malawians eat rats. Now, to me this doesn’t seem like a big deal. I figure a pet store guinea pig could probably make a good meal too (if raised in a clean environment). I personally love rabbit—and I don’t mean that in a cute cuddly since.  So, how different could… (more…)

Often Times We Try to do God’s Will Man’s Way

If there is one thing about Tanzania for sure, it is that these people are gifted in singing and dancing beyond anything I have ever seen. However, in some cases, it has really affected the church negatively.  Sunday mornings slowly become an opportunity to  preform in front of a live audience–if not even compete–instead of an opportunity to worship together. There… (more…)

Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia

Hello everyone! We have finally made it back to Kenya after a 23 day journey of traveling 4170 miles across what seemed on the map to be a small portion of this huge content. Our team consisted of the Woottons (International Directors), Thomas Kirui (National Director), 3 of our regional leaders, 2 BTCP graduates from Ugandans, and myself. Here is… (more…)