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Nandi Hills Discipleship

The team of BTCP students in Kosoiywo is equipped, and eager for the next phase of discipleship. Basically, I spent two days showing them how to train their old students to disciple others. These people really have a heart for teaching God’s Word.  I was only expecting two or three of them to volunteer for the job and 19 showed up! We… (more…)


So often, we forget how witnessing is a crucial part of the way we demonstrate our faith. Everything we say and do, should point to Christ, glorify  Him, and make Him known to the world. If there was any highlight of the Kakamega outreach for me, it was seeing the ladies from Pastor Daniel’s church go for evangelism. I had… (more…)

The Imortant Topic of Fearing God

I had quite an interesting afternoon today. One of my friends agreed to teach music to a local group of young 18 year olds, if–and only if–they agreed to let him share his faith and teach them from the Bible as long as classes continued. Some are Christians, some are Muslims, but the majority are just in the world and… (more…)

Witnessing to the Lost

One of the hardest things about evangelism is reaching out to religious people. Sometimes, I would willfully take on an atheist over a religious person.  When my friends and I were in Tanzania, we met a group of ladies who had been sitting in church their whole lives, but when my friend Daniel and I shared the Gospel with them,  they… (more…)

Nandi Hills Update

While I was teaching in Bungoma today (I’ll give you a good update on that class later) the BTCP class in Nandi Hills put together a budget for our upcoming teacher training. Basically, I will be training each of my students how to do my job so that they can build up a self sustainable discipleship movement that doesn’t rely on… (more…)


I live across the street from the compound where all the Mormon missionaries live. They have a huge temple 2 blocks away from my house and many teams full of young men coming and going. All the activity has left some of my Kenyan friends wondering, what is Mormonism? Why are these nice young men in white shirts always showing… (more…)

Follow Up

When I first started living out my faith, I pictured evangelism, conversions, and baptisms as the most exciting part of outreach. My contemplation of  “follow up” was this grueling thing that came afterwards full of disappointments and missionary “burn out.” Truthfully, I could have never been more wrong! Follow up is the most exciting part of ministry. It starts with… (more…)