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We had Bible Study “Matatu style” at my house this week! [Matatus are the public buses in Kenya famous for over packing passengers]. In between the Ugandan team visiting us, our friends from Instep orphanage, and the usual group of young adults who meet at my house, we were one full Matatu! There were not enough seats in the house, so we resorted to sitting on the tables. I have to say, there is nothing I enjoy more than fellowship with such wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ whom have truly sold out for the Lord. Trae (one of my missionary friends) has been leading us through the book of Romans, while I have been acting as hostess and feeding everyone, and my friend Ken has been leading us in worship. Having such a wonderful group in my home has been an extraordinary blessing.

I will be heading back to the States on the 27th for a two month visit. I am not going home for vacation, but to do ministry and encourage people to become involved in missions work. This week will be the last time for me to see my friends until I return in August, and I must say, leaving them behind is like leaving my family. It will be a hard two months!

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  1. Al Luedecke says:

    That is quite a gathering. I imagine the responses you have received have been the force that drives you on in this service to the Lord.

    By coincidence, we are planning to be in the San Angelo area the first week in June on family business. Wouldn’t it be good to get together with you and your family again for a meal and visitation. I’ll get with your Dad and see if this might be possible.

    • elizabeth says:

      That would be wonderful! Yes, talk to my dad! I will be back on the 28th of this month, but have told everyone “beginning of June” because I usually have 3 really rough days of jet lag when I go home. I look forward to seeing you all.

  2. Linda says:

    Are you still there? Hope all is well.

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