Bird Watching

It was around one month ago that we had a very wonderful visitor from Nicaragua by the name of Luis Tiffer. Not only did Luis help us in many ways with our ministry, but he taught us a new hobby: Bird watching. At first we all thought it a bit strange that someone would venture off into the woods searching for birds, but Luis explained to us that part of walking with the Lord is experiencing His creation. Ever since then, my friend Duncan has not let us rest without first taking time out of our busy schedules for bird watching.  I must admit, it has become quite addicting. I cannot wait until I am back in the States where I can buy a good pare of binoculars!

As much as I enjoy bird watching, I think my friends have gone too far and become the “bird whisperers.” Duncan and Caroline coaxed a few lesser striped swallows into my house the other morning. They flew around my head singing while I was getting ready for work.

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  1. Rita McWhorter says:

    I sent your blog to DeWitt this morning and he was pleased to know you have the birding bug now! He liked your blog~
    Love, Lilly

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