Monthly Archives: May 2014

Bible Study Home Group

We had Bible Study “Matatu style” at my house this week! [Matatus are the public buses in Kenya famous for over packing passengers]. In between the Ugandan team visiting us, our friends from Instep orphanage, and the usual group of young adults who meet at my house, we were one full Matatu! There were not enough seats in the house,… (more…)

Go and Witness to the Lost

I apologize up front, I have not sent out an update letter for this month because things have been busy. The Ugandan students are back in Kenya helping us with ministry again. These men  are  all students (or graduated students) of the Wootton’s son Isaac, and I must say I sure do like spending time with all of them! They… (more…)

Students Teaching Their Students

The Nandi Hills class has finished training, evangelism, and has moved on to discipleship. They have been leading their own classes for over a month now. It has been such a blessing seeing these men and women try so hard to share what the Lord has been teaching them. It has taken a lot of personal commitment and personal finances on their parts… (more…)

Bird Watching

It was around one month ago that we had a very wonderful visitor from Nicaragua by the name of Luis Tiffer. Not only did Luis help us in many ways with our ministry, but he taught us a new hobby: Bird watching. At first we all thought it a bit strange that someone would venture off into the woods searching… (more…)

Youth Conference

We had a blast at Cornerstone’s Annual Youth Conference. Our topics were Counting the Cost of Following Jesus and Putting on the Full Armor of God. I had the pleasure of hosting some of the high school girls at my home who came for the conference. Although we had a great time, there were some things in my house that really left… (more…)

Breaking the Silance

Hello everyone! I apologize for my lack of communication over the past months. Things have been so busy! I haven’t had time to blog, but I have had time to take many photos. I am taking today off from work to sit and write as many blog posts as I can. I hope to catch up on blogging everything that… (more…)